Hypepeace: streetwear for a good cause

Hypepeace, a Londoner brand which aims to raise awareness on "uncomfortable topics". The two people behind the project remain anonymous, what we only know about them is that "M" is a graphic designer and "J" a fashion designer. What differentiates Hypepeace from other politics wise experiments is that the profits coming from the sales of … Continue reading Hypepeace: streetwear for a good cause


Raf Simons, and his way to be a magnate

Raf Simons does not live in Florence, Raf Simons does not live in the XV century, but there is a link between him and Lorenzo De' Medici. It seems a risky connection but this is Rhizomatic Mag, unveiling unexpected bonds is our purpose. What can these two characters coming from so dissimilar realities share? Fame? … Continue reading Raf Simons, and his way to be a magnate


FKA twigs and the cool Nike tribe

FKA twigs as creative director of  NikeWomen’s Spring Zonal Strength Tights campaign: Music and fashion hand in hand. The video realized by the British artist, does not only exemplify her singing skills through the soundtrack she conceptualized and performed, but also shown her dancing skills, discipline which she practices since a very young age. Commenting this … Continue reading FKA twigs and the cool Nike tribe


Elections bring fashion alliances

Fashion insiders are first of all humans, with personal tastes and opinions above fashion, and when time of elections comes, they do not hide their preferences. Fresh of French poll, there are many examples to mention as melting pots of fashion and current issues, reflection of the spirit of Rhizomatic Mag. Being a supporter of … Continue reading Elections bring fashion alliances


When culture met fashion

There was a day in which culture met fashion through a long-hair, extravagant man called Alessandro Michele. And that handshake gave birth to Gucci Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection named The Alchemist's Garden. Within a collection that was a vortex of ideas culture was the common denominator. The most evident example was the clutch simulating books written by Jane … Continue reading When culture met fashion