Elections bring fashion alliances

Fashion insiders are first of all humans, with personal tastes and opinions above fashion, and when time of elections comes, they do not hide their preferences.


Fresh of French poll, there are many examples to mention as melting pots of fashion and current issues, reflection of the spirit of Rhizomatic Mag.

Being a supporter of “Made in France” had probably influenced the favor of powerful fashion figures for Emmanuel Macron, one for all Karl Lagerfeld.

The French-adopted fashion designer publicly supported the new elected president multiple times, both before and after the count of votes. Analyzing his words, what Lagerfeld always highlights it is not Macron’s program, but the fact that he and his wife are nice people , which is probably what nowadays worldwide citizens look for more than anything else.

karllagerfeld - fashion -designer-politics

Lagerfeld also called the to attention to Brigitte Macron, when invited to the French program called Stupéfiant he admitted: “I adore Brigitte Macron. She has a ravishing silhouette”. But compliments did not only concern the lady’s body shape, indeed the designer expressed his idea about the couple Brigitte-Emmanuel by saying that: ” Barack Obama would not be the one he his without the genial Michelle Obama” leaving us to draw our own conclusions.

The fact is that even if we are used to hear about some celebrities endorsements (Leonardo Di Caprio and environmental issue, Emma Watson and women rights) it is very rare to have something more than his collections by Karl Lagerfeld.

When Kaiser Karl surprises the world with a public appearance what he says travels around the world.

But he is not the only fashion figure who supported Macron. For example other figures linked to the fashion house of Chanel as Bruno Pavlovsky (president of the maison) and Bernard Arnault ( LVMH boss) expressed their favor.


Moreover, one of the most aggressive endorsers was  Nicolas Ghesquièrewho used his Instagram profile for election propaganda. As a matter of fact, the creative director of Louis Vuitton is close to Brigitte Macron, and commenting her post-victory Louis Vuitton outfit monsieur  Ghesquière said that seeing his creations worn by her was a compliment to him.

Among those who celebrated the results of the elections through Instagram posts we can also name Alber Elbaz, ex creative director of Lanvin, Jonathan Anderson, Anthony Vaccarello and the rising star Simon Porte Jacquemus.


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