When culture met fashion

There was a day in which culture met fashion through a long-hair, extravagant man called Alessandro Michele.

And that handshake gave birth to Gucci Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection named The Alchemist’s Garden.
Within a collection that was a vortex of ideas culture was the common denominator.

The most evident example was the clutch simulating books written by Jane Austen chained to the models’ wrists signifying the designer’s idea that we all should be slaves of culture.

Additionally, the address of Virginia Woolf’s sister was reported on some items because as Michele said ” I was also obsessed with those women, and the way they were obsessed with culture.”

Rhizomatic thoughts.
Rhizomatic designer:
Alessandro Michele.


If you still have doubts about the meaning of rhizomatic an example can help.

Alessandro Michele
the idea of rhizome.

Let’s keep analyzing the collection The Alchemist’s Garden.
Oriental-inspired looks. Sparkling dresses from the 80s. Headbands recalling those used by skiers. Ideas coming from biology, literature, from the rock movement. Different elements mixed together to create a unique, homogeneous corpus.

 “I can pick up different things and let them talk, like the alchemist” said Michele. And if this was his goal he succeeded.The aesthetic of  Alessandro Michele is commonly defined as “More is more“, which is undoubtedly true, but we do not stress enough on the point that the final result is astonishing coherent, which is his primary value.

What is also to point out is the styling, which complicates the game even more, giving birth to nerdish characters, who eventually perfectly match with the extravagant outfits.

The ability of creating beauty from unexpected blends.

This is what rhizomaticmag wants to honor.

Nowadays society often praises diversity, but diversity only comes from boundaries which actually do not exist if we opt for an organic vision of things.
The vision of things we have.
The one of rhizomaticmag.

This collection is the perfect representation of our philosophy, if you do not remember it, here it is.



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