Hypepeace: streetwear for a good cause

Hypepeace, a Londoner brand which aims to raise awareness on “uncomfortable topics”.

The two people behind the project remain anonymous, what we only know about them is that “M” is a graphic designer and “J” a fashion designer.

What differentiates Hypepeace from other politics wise experiments is that the profits coming from the sales of its items are donated to associations which support its causes.

The way chosen to deliver their messages is equally convincing.

Indeed the brand takes over recognizable symbols coming from fashion and transforms them into messages of peace.


Chase and Status cover for Notion Magazine, in Palestine hoodie
Chase and Status cover for Notion Magazine, in Palestine hoodie

We can mention as an example the use of the iconic triangle of skateboarders’ label Palace, in which they replaced the word Palace with Palestine. The resulted image was employed as print on a big range of items. The response has been very positive as proved by the sentence written on Hypepeace Instagram profile which states: “Limited Palestine items left, pre-orders from 22/05”.

About the idea of integrating the Palace logo J revealed to Dazed:

“The similarities between the word Palace and Palestine are equally obvious. Whenever M read the word Palace he simultaneously thought of Palestine. The link was always there. But the real strength of the design lies in     the philosophy behind it.”

“There’s a new generation of politically engaged people, who are unapologetically expressing their solidarity with the oppressed. Blatantly expressing this through what they wear, without compromising when it comes to style. It’s rejecting the cliché that we’re this superficial, egocentric ‘selfie’ generation that only follows the stream and upholds the status quo.”


The other Hypepeace project manipulates the Comme Des Garçons Play logo. Indeed its heart shape is broken into two pieces, integrated in the sentence “Pray pour les Syrians“.

Hyperpeace is the melting pot of fashion and politics, it is contamination of different brands, it is charity and provocation, it combines so many different topics which bring us to affirm that it is example of a rhizomatic reality.


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