Resort 2018: Guccification is acculturation

It is not the first time we are writing about Gucci, but exploring the concept of rhizomatic in fashion we cannot ignore the brand’s Resort 2018 fashion show in which Alessandro Michele demonstrated that Guccification means acculturation.


The runway linked fashion with art  first of all because set in Florence, hometown of the brand and one of the most renown city in the world for art and culture in general.

Before the show, the 400 Gucci’s guests were invited for a tour of the Uffizi gallery and of the Vasari Corridor, giving a cultured mood to the Gucci experience.


The runway took place in the Palatine Gallery of Palazzo Pitti:  one of the most beautiful museums of the Renaissance city, housing a prestigious collection of paintings.

Models walked among Raffaello, Rubens, Tiziano, and Van Dick works but the two universes were somehow related: the posers could be characters of the paintings and it is not a case.

Indeed accessories, details and hairstyles were inspired by works of the gallery as you can see in this collage made by IO donna.


Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi gallery, joked about the link between the museum’s pieces and the brand, saying that even the Madonna della Seggiola by Raffaello was “dressed following the trend of its times”.

Present at the show with his wife, the german art historian explained that the reason why he allowed to held the runway in the Palatine gallery is that he believes in the rising importance of the union between art and fashion (just like Rhizomatic Mag).

In this context we have talked about connections with art, but of course we can also mention the bond with history. Nevertheless, as reported on Moda -D- la Repubblica,  Alessandro Michele’s ability “has not been that of reviving the past but of transforming it in present, better, in presence, as to say in something living, something that has a lot to say about who we are today, here, now”.

But the show did not forget the music system either, indeed among the models you could find artists like Jenny Beth singer of the band Savage, Francesco Bianconi from Baustelle, singer Lucio Corsi, James Righton and Arun Roberts.


If these contaminations are not enough for you to regard this show as extremely rhizomatic you should also know that even literature was applied to the catwalk to maximize the cultural experience: on the guests’ seats you could read an extract from the “Bacchus’ Song,” by Lorenzo de’ MediciHow beautiful our Youth is/ That’s always flying by us!/ Who’d be happy, let him be so:/ Nothing’s sure about tomorrow.


As every other show under Alessandro Michele’s creative eye nothing was left to chance.

Everything was connected, everything was related. The ultimate rhizomatic representation.



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