About R

Rhizomatic thoughts. The idea that a non-hierarchical trans-species connection exists.
Everything is connected.
Everything is related.
Everything has a secrete liaison with something else.

Fashion. Clothing to buy, use and throw away.
Fashion. Means of expression of oneself connected to a specific context.
More or less.
Fashion. Means of expression of oneself connected to a specific context, contaminated by everything that is happening and that has happened in the past.

Rhizomatic Mag.

A celebration of fashion elevated to a form of art,

influenced by the rest.

Rhizomaticmag. The proof of what we believe in. Every selected theme conjugated in Fashion, Art, Literature and Music to demonstrate our idea that everything is linked.

Bonds that exist, but which we must be able to identify.
This question, the starting point of our second belief.
Through culture.
The curiosity to know, to discover, to understand.
Being aware that we still have everything to know.
Being aware that you will find beauty and ugliness, but that you must know both of them.
Being aware that one day without learning anything is a day wasted.

Education not imposed by somebody, but by your curiosity.

We believe in the pleasure to have opinions and tastes in different fields because you know them.
We believe that since everything is connected there is nothing you do not need to know.
We believe that knowledge is power.

We believe that fashion is based upon vision, more than business, and that for this reason collections are translations of ideas that are often coming from unexpected inspirations.
This is part of the beauty of fashion, it takes ideas from everything and transform them into something else.
(Isn’t it rhizomatic?)
It turns ideas into wearable items.
(Isn’t it beautiful?)
Rhizomaticmag. The excitement of the unknown.
(Aren’t you curious?)

Written by Rebecca *

*A 20 years-old student of fashion, from Italy, Amélie of our reality,  archetypical  Leo, passionate of fashion, art and everything French. An Ambitious, chaotic traveller who builds her culture made of unknown music, complicated books, and movies in which nothing happens. She hopes that future is where dedication and satisfaction will be balanced.