Resort 2018: Guccification is acculturation

It is not the first time we are writing about Gucci, but exploring the concept of rhizomatic in fashion we cannot ignore the brand's Resort 2018 fashion show in which Alessandro Michele demonstrated that Guccification means acculturation. The runway linked fashion with art  first of all because set in Florence, hometown of the brand and one of the most renown … Continue reading Resort 2018: Guccification is acculturation


Raf Simons, and his way to be a magnate

Raf Simons does not live in Florence, Raf Simons does not live in the XV century, but there is a link between him and Lorenzo De' Medici. It seems a risky connection but this is Rhizomatic Mag, unveiling unexpected bonds is our purpose. What can these two characters coming from so dissimilar realities share? Fame? … Continue reading Raf Simons, and his way to be a magnate